Time for Planting Fall Bulbs! A Bit of Time Now and A Bounty of Blooms in the Spring!

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Just a bit of time now and you can have beautiful flowers in the spring!  I’ve always loved seeing tulips and other spring flowers blooming, but didn’t know what it involved to plant them.  When Longfield Gardens emailed me about doing a blog review, I was excited, knowing they would help me through the process.  Planting bulbs was so easy!  I’m sorry I didn’t do it years ago.  I made a fun project with my daughter, so we spent an hour or two, but it could go even more quickly.  And you don’t need anything in the way of tools, but a hand bulb planter does make it easier – you can pick one up at any superstore for about $10.

Longfield Gardens

Longfield Gardens has all the information you need to be an expert at bulb gardening – even helping with what flowers look beautiful together.  They know everything there is to know about the color, height and bloom time to design combinations that will create stunning displays in your yard.  Go to their guide and take a look at the “How To” wealth of information.

Longfield Gardens 2

We have deer in our area, so I learned at the Longfield garden guide that Muscari are a hardy (yes!), easy to grow (yes!), deer resistant (home run!) bloom.  They are planted only 4 inches deep.


Our yard has a center section with a large rock and two birch trees that would look awesome with flowers in the spring.  Rosie and I started there and used a hand cultivator (rake-y thingie) to loosen the dirt and a trowel (little shovel) to dig the hole.  The hand bulb planter was the easiest, but we enjoyed trying everything to play around.  Then we moved on to the small box around our new lamp post.  That was much easier because it was new, soft dirt.  Now I can’t wait for spring!

Now and Later

In fact, if you can’t wait for spring, take a peek at the Gift Sets which start shipping on 11/4. This is my favorite – I *heart* paperwhites! They bloom 4 weeks after planting.


For more information and to order your bulbs, go to:
Longfield Gardens website
Longfield Gardens on Twitter
Facebook Page for Longfield Gardens 

Disclosure of Material Connection:  I was sent bulbs from Longfield Gardens to facilitate my review.

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