Time Saving Kitchen Tips and the 5 Minute Soak Challenge #DawnPowerClean #ad

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Do you find yourself frustrated and stressed out in your kitchen?  Does your morning start by walking into your kitchen, only to see dirty dishes soaking in the sink?  Here are some tips to change that and put a morning smile on your face when you start the day with a shining sink!

Organize Your Kitchen

Where and how you store things in your kitchen can make a huge difference in increasing your efficiency.  Do you find yourself running from drawer to drawer or cabinet to cabinet when you are trying to make a meal or to clean up after dinner?  Organize things by function.  For example, keep all your cleaning supplies in one place.  If you’re like me, after dinner you clear the table, load the dishwasher, and hand wash large items.  If you store your dishwasher soap in a different place than sponges/cloths, and another for sink dish soap, and yet another for towels?  You are wasting time gathering the things you need.  Store them all in the same place and preferably near your sink.

Keep Your Countertops Clear

I have major appliance traffic on my countertops right now.  I added this, and added that, and oh, started keeping the blender on the counter…  Now when I want to cook or after dinner, put hand washed dishes to dry on the counter, a pan to soak?  I have to clear space.  It’s wasted time.  Unless you have miles of countertop, appliances that you don’t use every day (seriously, every single day) should be in a cabinet!

Skip the Sink and Go Straight to Dishwasher

We have a very bad habit in our house of putting used dishes in the sink.  They belong in the dishwasher!  They eventually end up in the dishwasher, but we put them in the sink first.  It’s an illness, seriously.  Bad, bad habit.  Instead of rinsing a dish and putting it straight into the dishwasher – 3 seconds tops, we put it in the sink and then later rinse and put it in the dishwasher.  It’s at least double the work.  Why would you want to double your work?  Aaargh!  Need to stop that now!

Use Kitchen Shears

I love, love, love kitchen shears.  There are so many times when scissors can do a kitchen task faster and easier than a knife.  I have an old pair that came with a wall mounted holding thingie.  I always know where they are, can grab them easily and they do so many jobs.  From cutting open packaged foods to trimming vegetables, they save time and effort every day.

Remember a while back when I made this delicious potato salad?

Well, when all the deliciousness was gone, I was left with a very messy dish!  What is harder to clean than dried egg?  Ew.

To the rescue?  New Dawn Power Clean!

  • Contains micro-scrubbing enzymes that power through all types of food messes.
  • It’s a powerful dish soap designed to deliver tough grease-fighting power without any need for special steps to your dishwashing routine.
Please whistle the Jeopardy song.  I am going to soak my dish in Dawn Power Clean for 5 minutes and get the results of an overnight soaking!

"la la la la, la la la. la la la la, LA, lalalalala" (Jeopardy song)


Five minutes is up! What will the dish look like?


Voila! Clean and shiny - no scrubbing!

Too many fun things to do outside of the kitchen, make your time spent there efficient and easy!

About:  Dawn Dishwashing Products

With Dawn’s line of power products, you can get the amazing power of an overnight soak in just five minutes. These products cut grease and dissolve tough foods on your everyday dishes (even the ones you bake in) without the effort of elbow grease!

 Dawn Power Clean Dishwashing Liquid

Discover DAWN’S BEST CLEAN with micro-scrubbing enzymes that power through food messes with ease, from everyday grease to tough lasagna dishes! Dawn Power Clean is available in Refreshing Rain Scent and Vibrant Fresh Scent

More info on Dawn: http://www.dawn-dish.com

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Notice of Material Disclosure:  All opinions are my own, unless otherwise stated.  I was sent a sample of Dawn Power Clean for review and will be compensated for this post.

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