Back-to-School Shopping! Why Kohl’s?

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kohls back to school

Since Rosie’s preschool days, Kohl’s has been a part of our back-to-school shopping.  Kohl’s is the “total package” of

  • stylish clothes,
  • great prices,
  • wide selection,
  • convenience
  • and fun shopping.


My favorite brand at Kohl’s for style and value is Jumping Beans.  It is amazing the number of adorable, mix-and-match outfits you can get for a reasonable  budget.  Rosie has moved up and out *sniff* *sniff* of the Jumping Beans department but watch for my next post to see how much you can buy for $100!  For older girls, the brands of Mudd, IZ Amy Byer, Candies, Knitworks and more offer the style that tweens and preteens are looking for.  Rosie had a budget for clothes, toys and shoes.  Tune in soon to see how she did!


I’m all about value when we shop, but especially for back-to-school shopping.  Kohl’s offers that no matter when you go.  They have “sales” but their prices are always good, especially if you have a Kohl’s charge.  As a card-holder, I receive flyers in the mail with discount cards and every so often a “peelie” with a discount code.  The additional % off makes a big difference when you stack it on top of sale prices!  One of the things I like about Kohl’s is that the % off comes off everything you buy.  There are no exclusions for “extra value” items or this or that.  Kohl’s Cash is like frosting-on-the-cake!  Have you used Kohl’s Cash?  During special promotional periods, you will be given certificates, usually $10 for each $50 you have spent.  So if you spend $100, you receive $20 in Kohl’s Cash.  Unlike some stores, Kohl’s Cash is just like cash – if it’s $20, you can purchase $20 of merchandise.  But it does expire!  I put my Kohl’s Cash in the cash section of my wallet and then I’m reminded to use it before it expires.

Another bargain that I love at Kohl’s is the Kohl’s Cares products.  They are always only $5 and offer a choice of plush toys that coordinate with a book.  I loved, loved, loved reading a book to Rosie and then having the plush to act out and enhance the story.  She loves anything plush and to have two or three characters from the same story. And, 100% of the net profit is donated to kids’ health and education initiatives nationwide.


kohls cares


Even though Rosie like to go for extreme styles, I tend to be conservative in what I’d like her to wear.  What I like about Kohl’s is there is a wide range and selection – we always find something that pleases both of us.  When she was in preschool, I wanted her to wear “plain” jeans and I had a difficult time finding them.  It seemed like everyone had embellished jeans.  Rosie was particular about wanting elastic waist, no belts.  (Don’t we all like that?) I found them at Kohl’s and for a great price.  Oh!  That reminds me of something else I like at Kohl’s.  When you find something you like at the store and want to “stock-up”, you can order on-line.  It’s very convenient to be able to shop in the middle of the night in your pajamas!  And did you know that you take returns to the store?  After paying for return shipping at other stores, now I look for online shopping that allows free return-to-store, like Kohl’s does!  I did that with the jeans Rosie wore to school every day, towels and our throw rugs.  Once I found the perfect choice, I used online ordering to have them come straight to my house (nice for heavy or bulky items, too!).


Are you lucky to have Kohl’s stores near you?  I have several!  It’s so convenient to shop and their hours are helpful for moms.  When Rosie was a baby, I would put her to bed, hubby had monitor-duty and I would head to Kohl’s.  It was relaxing and fun to shop later when the store wasn’t crowded.  Can I confess that even when I didn’t need anything I would “escape” for some relaxing shopping?

bella ballerina


Rosie and I had a “special” evening of shopping.  It’s easy to create a memory or even a tradition of back-to-school shopping at Kohl’s.  With a toy department, fun hair accessories, jewelry, books, shoes, and more, you can turn the chore of getting ready for school into fun when you do it at Kohl’s!  Our fun goal was to find the Bella Ballerina shoes you see above.  They have a spinning circle on the bottom that allows girls to twirl!  Now you’re talkin’ fun! Kohl’s has everything you need for back-to-school shopping no matter how old your kids are – you can shop for a range, teens to preschool or boys and girls.

 Do you shop at Kohl’s?  What do you like about it?  Do you have any favorite brands?





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