Tips to Keep Your Family Happy and Healthy This Holiday Season!

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The holidays are a time to count your blessings and be thankful for family, friends, and good health.  It’s also a good time to pay attention to staying healthy – for yourself, your spouse and your children.  But how do you avoid germs and illness during the cold temperatures and social times of the holidays?

The Minnesota Department of Health issued this poster about the 5 Common Ways Germs Are Spread. 

It’s easy to see that the main culprit is HANDS!  Especially if you have children, hand sanitizer is a moms best tool to keep her family healthy during the holidays.  I encourage hand washing, but I must admit that sometimes during the winter our hands get so dry from frequent washing.  Hand sanitizer is the favored way to clean our hands without drying them out.  I was pleased to find new Purell Hand Sanitizer with added moisture.  New PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer offers enhanced bacteria killing power in a formulation that makes it mild and soothing on the skin. The scientists at GOJO (developers of Purell), backed by their 65 years in skin health and hand hygiene innovation, were able to develop a formulation that maximizes the impact of alcohol on bacteria. This new family of products works by penetrating the membrane of the germ cell more effectively, maximizing the germ-destroying power of the alcohol. As a result, PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer is proven to kill more than 99.99% of the germs on hands.

purell hand sanitizer jelly wrap advanced

Kids especially like the portable Jelly Wrap containers that let you hook a container of Purell to their backpacks or lunch boxes.  All the colors give kids fun choices, there’s even a SpongeBob Jelly Wrap!

[caption id="attachment_8072" align="aligncenter" width="500"]The Purell Personal Pump Bottle is perfect for a purse or backpack. The Purell Personal Pump Bottle is perfect for a purse or backpack.[/caption]

With a seven year old daughter, I’ve been seeing quite a few public restrooms.  (Does your child seem to need to go to the bathroom in every public place?) *sigh*  Anywho…  despite washing our hands, some restrooms are so disgusting I feel like I need to wash my hands somewhere after getting out their doors!  And I’m happy to be able to squirt some hand sanitizer and know that any germs we picked up after washing our hands won’t be spread.

The new PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer holiday line comes in four fun fragrances that you know and love during the holidays:

  1. Wintergreen Mint
  2. Sweet Plum
  3. Holiday Spice
  4. O Christmas Tree

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Other tips for keeping your family healthy, in addition to keeping hands clean, include:

  • Eat a healthy, balance diet
  • Get enough sleep to maintain a healthy immune system
  • Encourage good brushing and oral care habits
  • Be prepared for cold weather with layered, appropriate clothing
  • Prevent injuries by taking simple steps like smoke alarms and child safety seats

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Formulation matters. New PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer is scientifically formulated to kill the most germs. Independent tests using FDA methods prove it. Just 1 squirt of PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer kills as many germs as two squirts of any other national brand.* This breakthrough formulation also includes four different skin conditioners that make PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer that will help soothe your skin and maintain moisture – no matter how often you use it. More info on PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer:

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