Top 10 Healthy Tips to Get Your Kids Ready for Back-to-School

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Whew!  Rosie starts kindergarten in 14 days *shudder*.  To say that I’m not ready, is a major understatement.  Have you seen the back-to-school checklists that say, “Three months before…” “1 month before…” “1 week before…”  Well, standard procedure for me – it’s two weeks before and I’m too late for two-thirds of that bleepy list!  Yes, I’m in denial that my baby is leaving me.

There’s an important checklist in addition to the school supplies, shoes, etc.  list and this one is what you should do to prepare your child from a health standpoint.

1.  Visit your pediatrician.

Your child’s doctor will check all sorts of benchmarks, depending on your child’s age.  He or she will make sure that immunizations are up to date.  Checking height and weight progress is important.  This is also a perfect time to ask any questions you might have about your child’s health.

2.  Visit a pediatric dentist.

Did you know that there are special dentists that specialize in caring for the teeth of children?  When I wanted to take Rosie to the dentist, I asked mine about it, because I had never seen young children in his office.  He explained that he recommended that his patients’ children go to a pediatric dentist and gave me the contact info for one he knew.  It was wonderful!  The pediatric dentist has a waiting room especially designed for children, knows how to calm their fears and ….  Rosie’s favorite?  A TOY DRAWER!  She loves going to the dentist and how wouldn’t when there is a toy drawer!

3.  Visit an eye doctor.

When children become four or five years old, most pediatricians recommend that they see an eye doctor.  This is extremely important before school starts so that they can avoid an problems caused by sight deficiencies.  If your child needs glasses and you don’t know, they could have headaches, dizziness, or other symptoms.  Since 80 percent of what a child learns is through vision, it’s never too early to begin getting regular, comprehensive eye examinations by an eye doctor. Studies show that 50 percent of vision loss can be prevented with an eye exam.

4.  Teach hand washing.

So many germs are passed around in a school.  If you can encourage your child to practice good hand washing techniques and to frequently wash their hands, you will avoid many of the illnesses that beset children when they go to school.

5.  Get a good night’s sleep.

It so important to everyone’s health, but at this time of year, it is especially important for children.  Review whether it is time for your child to get a new mattress.  Practice bedtime routines and start going to bed at the appropriate time for school days before school starts.

6.  Review vitamin needs.

Your child, depending on their eating habits, may need nutritional supplements.  Vitamins come in kid-friendly forms these days.

7.  Pack healthy snacks and a water bottle, if your child’s school allows it.

Rosie will be taking 2 snacks every day and I’m going to try to make them healthy – carrots, celery, grapes, strawberries.  It’s important for kids to be hydrated and I’m going to send Rosie to school with a water bottle (matching her backpack, of course!

8.  Make sure your child has the outerwear to deal with different weather scenarios.

Our weather here in the Midwest, can be very challenging.  We are going to make sure Rosie has what she needs to protect herself from the weather.   Shopping with Grandma yesterday, we not only found school shoes but also rainboots and an umbrella (I’m hoping her raincoat from last year still fits!

9.  Hang a small container of hand sanitizer off the side of your child’s backpack.

Most kids like using hand sanitizer and it can make a big difference when they don’t want to slow down to wash their hands.

10.  If your child has an allergy, make sure the school knows and that you have labels in available places. 

There are labels available that will let anyone know that your child has an allergy.  This could be critical to their health!

There are so many things to do at this time of year to get ready to go back to school.  We don’t want to neglect the important “to-do” things for their health!

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    whoa mama take a deep breath and slow down. it’ll be ok.
    pammypam recently posted..Cleopatra Jones ain’t no ordinary cat

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    Love the tips. Our boys don’t go ‘to’ school, but this time of year is great to make sure they are living healthy.
    Laura O in AK recently posted..Marysvale, a review

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    great post :) My son is going to kindergarten this year (I preschooled him at home) and I’m soo stressed out. He has a life-threatening peanut allergy and I am really nervous about his safety at school! Not fun to have to deal with the stress of his allergies on top of being separated from him for the first time! I am going to try stay positive though!!

  5. 5

    I always dread the first days of school. For me it is getting back into a schedule, taking and dropping off, but football practice starts on the 15th so I will be doing it anyways…:) TY for the post.

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    Oh this is wonderful and informative post, i really like this 10 tips, specially to review vitamin need…
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    About 3 months before my youngest was ready for kindergarten (she was #9 – we adopted one about , I made plans for my first free day. I was so excited I was about to burst. I was going to go grocery shopping all by myself, scrapbook, visit the library, eat our for lunch… I ended up going back to bed. It was fabulous!
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    This is a great reminder for back to school! I feel so all over the place with all my of my kids going to school this year! Whew!
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    I really had a hard time telling my nephews that schooling is fun. They don’t like to go to school because they find school very boring and don’t have interest. These tips will surely help me to convince them. Thanks a lot.
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