Top Five Favorite (and Frugal) Disney Souvenirs

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When we take our daughter, Rosie, to Walt Disney World, we always set a “Souvenir Budget”.  When she was little, it was actually a budget for me *blush* and now that she can choose for herself, it controls spending.  If you decide on an amount to spend while you are at home (and not in that “Disney-state-of-mind”), you prevent the going-souvenir-crazy syndrome.

1.  My number one favorite, favorite, hands-down favorite souvenir is the Autograph Book ($3 and up).  Whether you make it your self or purchase one of the Disney ones, this souvenir will be an invaluable tool in helping your child enjoy meeting characters.  If they are a little shy, an autograph book gives them a reason to approach a character.  At the meet-and-greets, if your child is speechless with the excitement of meeting a beloved character, it gives them something to do.  When they regain the power of speech, it gives them something to say.  There is also something about collecting that adds excitement and challenge!  Here are some of my favorite pictures from our trips, that include the autograph book.  TIP:  take a big pen, it’s much easier for the characters who usually have big hands/paws.



2.  Mouse Ears or Headbands ($14 and up)!  This is the all-time traditional souvenir for a reason.  The ears are unique and fun!  Rosie plays with hers all the time, they are perfect for dress-up.  We have the Minnie Ears, Princess Ears, and Bride Ears – all equally popular.  They do cost a bit more than a “bargain souvenir” but consider that they will have tons of use even after you come home.

3.  Epcot Kidcot Fun Stop Crafts (free).  Have you done the Kidcot Fun Stops?  There are 11 craft stations at different places at Epcot where kids can color some time of craft and collect stamps.  Again, that collectible factor adds fun and challenge for kids!  Fun to frame when you get home!

4.  A photo book of your trip ($15 and up).  If you watch for specials at, or, this can be an economical way to create a forever reminder of your Disney fun!

5.  A Mickey Balloon!  I didn’t put a price on this one.  I honestly have blocked the price from my memory, it was not inexpensive and is definitely the most I have ever paid for a balloon.  But it was Rosie’s BIG wish to have one.  She took it everywhere and loved it.  It also created a wonderful memory for us, because when we left (we couldn’t take it on the plane), Rosie found another child and gave it to her.  It was *sniff* *sniff* beautiful!  One of those silly memories that you will treasure forever…..

What are your favorite souvenirs?  Do you set a budget before you go?


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    The balloon is either $11 or $12 – but we got one free from the sweet cast member at the Grand Floridian last year. So thankful – he was such a sweetie. We kept it ALL week. LOL

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    These are all so sweet! I’ve always wanted to go to Disney myself – my family could never afford it. When I have kids I hope I can take them to a Disney park on a budget :) You gave me great souvenir ideas!

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    Carolyn O'Donnell says:

    I totally agree with #1 and #4. While she didn’t take everything, when our 20-something daughter moved out of on her own, she took her Disney trip autograph book and photo album with her.

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    Autograph books and Ears are our favorites too! We also love finding the pressed penny machines. Each one costs .50 cents plus the penny you provide and new pennies work best. We have been collecting pennies throughout the parks for years and just discovered the plastic books to keep them in. Check it our next time your in the park.

    Excellent post and #DisneySMMoms hugs to you!

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