Twitter Parties for the Week of 9/17!

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Tweet you there!

Here are some of the highlights for this third week in September (for complete Twitter Party listings, visit the Tweeoparties calendar):

#HealthyLunchboxes Back to School Party, Monday at 9pm ET: Get expert advice on how to give your kids a healthier lunchbox this year with tips from @MealPlanMom, @ProduceforKids and @EatWholly. Prizes too! Learn more here.

#ExpoEast #NaturalMoms Twitter Party Series, Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday at 7pm ET: Join host @MomsandBrands three nights in a row as she tweets live from the 2012 Natural Products Expo. She’ll be chatting with vendors and giving away lots of eco-friendly prizes. Learn more here.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3 #PapiSpeaks Twitter Party, Tuesday at 7pm ET: @SocialMoms heads up this event to honor the Blu-Ray release of Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Twenty lucky winners will be chosen to receive a $20 Amazon Card/BluRay combo. Learn more here.

*CANADA* #NewEggCan, Tuesday at 8pm ET: Calling all Canadian residents! Join this party sponsored by ShopCatch and and enter to win one of many techie goodies such as a tablet and more! Learn more here.

eMeals Family Week Twitter Party, Wednesday at 11am ET:Learn about creating more time with family at this event hosted by @eMeals in honor of Family Week, Sept. 24-28. Learn more here.

Walgreens #BalanceRewards Twitter Party, Wednesday at 1pm ET: Join @WisconsinMommy and @SimplyBeingMom for this party to chat about Walgreens new Balance Rewards program. Multiple Walgreens gift cards will be handed out! Learn more here.

#RiceKrispies, Wednesday at 2pm ET: Join panelists from The Motherhood for this party to chat about how to make your morning routine fun. Five Rice Krispies prize packs will be given away.Learn more here.

AT&T ‘No Text on Board’ Twitter Party, Wednesday at 2pm ET: About 100,000 car crashes that occur every year are caused by texting. Please join this event sponsored by AT&T in honor of their Sept. 19th “No Text on Board” Pledge Day. Use the hashtag #ItCanWait. Learn more here.

#RedCarpetCat, Wednesday at 8:30pm ET: Calling all pet lovers! Join @TheTiniestTiger and @EventBarkers for this event to celebrate the Emmy Awards. Pet-related swag to be given away every 10 minutes! Learn more here.

#HuntsCravebox, Wednesday at 9pm ET: It’s time for another party with @Cravebox! Chat about your solutions to the “Whats-for-Dinner” challenge and enter to win items from a limited edition Hunt’s Delicous Dinners Cravebox! Learn more here.

Poise 2nd Talk Twitter Party, Thursday at 1pm ET: Learn about menopause and Poise’s new line of products for women at this event hosted by @MsMissy62 and @wahmdiva. Gift card giveaways too! Learn more here.

SheSpeaks #GIVEHope Twitter Party, Thursday at 3pm ET:Special Guest @GiulianaRancic joins this party with P&G to create more awareness about early detection for breast cancer. With @SheSpeaksUp, @PGMyGive and a group of panelists.Learn more here.

#PlaytexBabyShower, Thursday at 8pm ET: Join @PlaytexInf and @MommyKatandKids for this event filled with new baby prizes. Learn more here.

*CANADA* #KitchenKravings Party, Thursday at 9pm ET: Gear up for the upcoming holidays and chat about the best in kitchen tools at this event sponsored by! Prizes open to Canadians only. Learn more here.

Replicated with permission from the Tweeparties newsletter.  Tweeparties is my favorite place to find out about twitter parties!  Check their calendar!

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