Twitter Party Alert! #GameTimeGoodies 1/28 12:45 PM ET With NEW Prizes of $3,500+!

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Twitter Party Alert!  #GameTimeGoodies 1/28 12:45 PM ET – NEW Prizes of $3,500+!

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The playoffs are in full swing and so are the opportunities to watch the game as a family, with friends or the whole neighborhood.  Do you have big game parties?  It so much fun to watch a game with a crowd.  And a big part of the fun is the game day food.   Football fans of any team love pizza, ice cream and other treats from Nestle!

Our family is Chicago Bears fans but we enjoy watching the playoffs and big game no matter what the teams.  From high school to the professionals, we just love football.  And parties!

Join me for the  pre-game#GameTimeGoodies party.  Did you notice we’re starting FIFTEEN MINUTES EARLY AT 12:45?!  We have so many prizes for this party, we decided to start early (and hint, we may go into “overtime”)!  We’ll be talking about tips to keep you in the game and out of the kitchen.  Stock your fridge, freezer and pantry with Nestle goodies that will withstand any snacking and scavenging fan.  Which is your MVP?  DIGIORNO® RISING CRUST® Pizza; STOUFFER’S® Party Size Lasagna; HOT POCKETS® brand sandwiches; EDY’S® or DREYER’s GRAND Limited Edition Touchdown Sundae Ice Cream or NESTLÉ® CRUNCH® Dipped DRUMSTICK® Cones?

Join me at the #GameTimeGoodies Twitter Party

on SoFabChats!

DATE:  January 28, 2014

TIME:  12:45 PM ET


First 250 to RSVP and select the “exclusive offers” option will receive a HOT POCKETS® USB car charger.
Early Bird Prize – $50 Walmart gift card & coupon for Nestle frozen product (up to $3.50)
FIVE $100 Walmart gift card & coupon for Nestle frozen product (up to $3.50)
Special Surprise $250 Walmart gift card & two coupons for Nestle frozen product (up to $3.50 each)
Grand Prize: $250 Walmart gift card & two coupons for Nestle frozen product (up to $3.50 each)

RSVP: #GameTimeGoodies Party Page 

LOCATION:  SoFabChats Tweet Grid

HOST: @KellysLuckyYou

CO HOSTS: @MudpiesandTiara; @Freebies4Mom; @MommyTalkShow

PARTY RULES: #GameTimeGoodies Official Rules

TWEET TO SHARE:  Join #GameTimeGoodies Twitter Party 1/28 1pm ET. Game Day Treats! Prizes $3500+! Rules #shop #cbias

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  1. 1
    @frugaliscious says:

    trying to figure out where i can select the “exclusive offers” option so i can receive a HOT POCKETS® USB car charger, i already RSVP (i think im the 1st or 2nd who RSVP) but not sure how the freebie works.
    thanks a bunch!

    • 2

      When you RSVP you have the option to sign up for a newsletter, tweet about the party and sign up for exclusive offers. I’ll check and make sure that you are. See you at the party, good luck!

      • 3
        @frugaliscious says:

        thanks for your response! i think im already signed up for your news letter just not sure how my address works or if im going to get a separate email bout it.
        anyway, #GameTimeGoodies party is almost here and i cant hardly wait!
        Thanks for the chance!

  2. 4
    Sherry Bracy says:

    wooohooo! #156 to RSVP and signed up for the exclusive offers!!! :) See you at the party! :)

  3. 5
    Jennifer Essad says:

    @4jlessad – awesome prizes – can’t wait to chat

    • 6
      Jennifer Essad says:

      Hi – I’ve signed up for your email previously – I also don’t see where we can get exclusive offers, can you direct me so I can enter? thank you

      • 7
        Kelly from Kelly's Lucky You says:

        Hi Jennifer! First, thank you for signing up for emails. The option to sign up for exclusive offers and receive the car charger is actually part of the RSVP for the party here When you rsvp for the party by clicking on the button on the right side of the screen, you will have an option to sign up for exclusive offers. I hope I’ll see you at the party! Good luck!

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