Ubokia – A New Way to Shop, Reuse, Recycle! #UbokiaEverywhere

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Have you ever wanted to buy something, searched the internet, popular sites, but couldn’t find it?  You know people have it and might be willing to sell, but just haven’t listed it anywhere.  Enter Ubokia!

Ubokia is a new type of marketplace where people can buy and sell things.  What makes it different than other marketplace sites is that you can post things you want.  With Ubokia, you can post a description of what you are looking for and hopefully someone else using the marketplace with have, and want to sell it!  

Or, if you need extra money but don’t know how or what to sell?  Surf Ubokia and see if someone is looking for something you might have just sitting around and are willing to part with!

I love the idea of reusing items.  It makes sense that instead of one person throwing something perfectly good in the trash and crowding a landfill while someone else buys the exact same thing new, we should buy/sell!  But there are only so many garage sales we can squeeze into a busy weekend, right?

Ubokia expands the garage sales beyond geographic boundaries and onto the internet.  Now instead of just browsing someone’s treasures and saying, “Do you have ……?”, you can ask the Ubokia community!

One thing that fascinated me with Ubokia is the Vacation Rentals option.  I’ve looked for a vacation rental in the past and it’s been overwhelming.  Sorting through all the properties and options is truly a massive undertaking.  With Ubokia, you can post what you want, how much you want to pay and then just deal with the properties that fit your criteria.

I was reading the Ubokia blog (I love reading blogs!) and the article 4 Ways to Use Ubokia for Back-to-School Shopping caught me eye.  If you are your child are searching for textbooks, Ubokia would be a great way to find bargains!

Ubokia uses uTrust for safe online shopping.

Ready to take a peak at Ubokia?  Click on the “Ubokia” tab in my header at the top of the page and start exploring!

Disclosure of Material Connection:  All opinions are my own, unless otherwise stated.  I was compensated for putting the Ubokia marketplace on KLY and for writing this post.



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    Thanks for posting this, I think my father will find this very useful, he restores old classic cars, and has so many leftover parts, that someone may be looking for, too much to just list them all on ebay or something. Also, when he is looking for a certain part or even car, this will be good to use. I am sending site to him, and I know he will like it. Thanks for sharing.

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