Update on Angel Harp by Michael Phillips

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Sarah Reck, from Hachette Book Group, had an interview today with author Michael Phillips on Blog Talk Radio.  Michael Phillips has written, co-written, and edited over 110 books!  Sarah talked to him about Angel Harp, a new release.  Click here to read my review and enter to win your own copy!

Sarah asked him these questions from me:

Q:  If Angel Harp is the first book of yours that a reader has discovered, what would you recommend that they read next?  Especially, if they love book series and long books?

Q:  One of our bloggers, Kelly at Kelly’s Lucky You, when reviewing your book wrote this about Angel Harp, “Michael Phillips not only uses words to paint a picture of Scotland for you to see – you hear it as well, in the language of the people.”  Can you tell us a bit about your decision to write dialogue in the local dialect?  Was it difficult, as an American, to write?

and these questions from other bloggers.

Q: What is your favorite scene in the book, Angel Harp?

Q:  Where do you get the inspirations for your characters?

From Cheryl at Writing Remnants,  Q:  You wrote the character of Marie, so believably, in the first person.  How do you get into the mind and heart of a woman?

Don’t you want to know the answers?  Click here to listen to Sarah Reck’s interview with the author of Angel Harp, Michael Phillips!  And don’t forget, the giveaway for Angel Harp ends 2/10!

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