Walgreens Healthcare Clinic – Help For Back-to-School and Much, Much More

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Today I went over to the new, expanded Walgreens Healthcare Clinic in Orland Park, Illinois and I was very impressed with the range of services and overall look of the office.  There are many, many times when I don’t need the “full-service” of my doctor or have the time to wait for an appointment.  I would rather use a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic than wait weeks for an appointment or wait for hours somewhere else!

School Sign #cbias #shop #HealthcareClinic

The first thing I thought of was The Night Before FDOS.  If you’re a mom, you know FDOS stands for First Day of School.  I spent The Night Before FDOS out shopping for a backpack and lunchbox.  Yes, I am that mom who leaves everything to the last minute.  My daughter didn’t need a Physical Examination Report this year, but I remember when she was entering kindergarten and I was calling the doctor’s office at the last minute begging for an appointment.  Often children need medical reports for sports, activities or at certain grade levels.  The Walgreens Healthcare Clinic can do that for you.

Second 24 hour sign #cbias #shop #HealthcareClinic

When I was working with a long commute, I remember how difficult it was to get in to see the doctor.  If my appointment wasn’t the very first thing in the morning or the last thing at night, I would have to take an entire day off work.  With a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic that is open extended, convenient hours – even weekends, I could get health care without impacting my work hours.

Waiting Area #cbias #shop #HealthcareClinic

Walgreens has simply, but tastefully revamped the Healthcare Clinic section of this store.  The screens separate the waiting area and there was plenty of seating.  Although with the Walgreens cosmetic and haircare sections, I wouldn’t spend much time sitting!  I love shopping my Walgreens.  The selection and displays make it fun.  I’m just starting to use hair products on my daughter’s hair and because she is thick and curly, while I am thin and straight (hair, anyway!), it’s a learning experience.  I can easily spend a bit of time reading the backs of hair care product bottles *smile*.  And then there’s the hair accessory section!  I picked up some adorable hair clips for Rosie today to celebrate the first day of school.

Sign In 1

Sign-in was super easy!  I signed in on a screen that had clear, and simple directions.  If there had been a problem, there was a phone you could use to call for help.

Website 1 #cbias #shop #HealthcareClinic

#cbias #shop #HealthcareClinic Wait times

To make this as convenient as possible, you can check wait times online before you leave home!  Or, when you sign in, it will tell you approximately how long your wait will be, based on how many people are ahead of you.  That’s convenience!

#cbias #shop #healthcareclinic Inside the Office

Why would you want to use the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic?

  • If you don’t have a primary care physician
  • If you work traditional hours – the same time as doctors work and can’t get an appointment without calling off
  • If you’ve just moved to an area and don’t know where to find a doctor
  • If you don’t have the time or patience to wait for an appointment at the doctor’s office
  • If you don’t have a car to get to the doctor, but your Walgreens is close enough to walk!

Next time, you need to see a healthcare professional but can’t wait for an appointment at your doctor?   Remember your convenient Walgreens Healthcare Clinic!

For more information, go to:
Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Website
Walgreens on Twitter
Walgreens on Facebook


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    I think it is great that Walgreens offers these services, there are so many people who don’t have physicians who can take advantage of these, where as they would otherwise not have the care they need.

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    So nice! It’s great to have something to look at (or shop for) while you’re waiting for an appointment. I find that I can often read an entire magazine, cover to cover while waiting for a doctor’s appointment. BORING!
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