What to Wear to Disney Social Media Moms Celebration #DisneySMMoms

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Are you going to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration?  I was lucky to attend four!  After four years of packing, planning and shopping, last year I felt like I got it right for the whole trip.  This year the conference is in California, instead of Florida, so it might be a bit different, but I wanted to share what worked for me.  Best advice is to pack your sense of fun, because you are going to have a great time!  Dress comfortably and true to your own style – if you’re there, it’s because someone thinks you are pretty successful!

This was my favorite outfit and I wore it the first day/evening, a maxi-dress and shrug.  One of the reasons that I loved it was that it was appropriate for day or evening.  The little shrug sweater worked for cooler evening weather or inside air conditioning.  Without the sweater, it was perfect for outdoors, warmer days.  A maxi-dress is so versatile AND comfortable.  I received many compliments and one blogger even had the same dress, but in different colors.  I think that is the sincerest form of flattery when someone wears the same thing.  I picked up this dress at J C Penney, but lots of stores carry them.  The colors were fun (the lime green) and serious (the navy blue) and provided a good contrast.  I packed a lot of blue outfits – I always like wearing blue in warmer climates.  The fabric of this particular maxi-dress, even allowed me to wash it in the bathroom sink at the room.  We stayed several days after the end of the conference, so I was able to wear it again.

What to Pack for Disney SMMoms Maxi Dress Favorite w Arrows   Here I am wearing it without the sweater shrug at Epcot… Disney A_90 M and M at Epcot Flowers … and again at an event, this time with the shrug.  It was fun meeting Mr. Incredible! Disney A_6 Mr Incredible J M B Better Next up is what I wore on conference day.  People were dressed along the whole spectrum from very casual to business to formal.  I personally am more comfortable in a professional, nicer outfit and this one fit my needs perfectly. What to Pack for Disney SMMoms Conference Day Here I am with my tablemates – you can see what everyone wore on conference day! DisneySMMoms-Table-1024x765 Here I am meeting one of the speakers. DisneySMMoms-J-and-Dayna-Steele-764x1024   A must-have for me was a white, gauzy long-ish skirt.  It went with so many things and felt perfect in any situation. What to Pack for Disney SMMoms Blue Outfit On this occasion I paired the white skirt with a black and white top.  I’m always fighting my weight and it’s comfortable to wear the loose tops over a tank top for me. White skirt with Black and White Top I hope they are having a fun run this year!  It was a life-changer for me last year.  Read about it here.  Don’t forget to pack your running gear! What to Pack for Disney SMMoms Fun Run

And don’t forget to pack for the kids!  I picked up a collection of clothes so they would all be mix-and-match.

What to Pack for Disney SMMoms For the Kids

For a complete packing list, check out this post.  Be sure to read the comments because readers added some things I forgot.

Have a blast!  I’ll be following along on social media!


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    Great advice Kelly! I am a firm believer in comfort – especially with the shoes. Love this post.

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    Great tips! Thanks for sharing! I think I have some shopping to do before the conference!

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