Weekly Weigh In and Ten (hint, hint) Reasons I Love Nutrisystem

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Woo-hooooo!!!  I passed the ten pound mark!!  Here’s my weekly Weigh In!


28 Days

Starting Weight:  185.0

Current Weight:  173.0

Total Loss:  12.0 YIKES!  TWELVE POUNDS!

Goal Weight:  145.0

Soooo….. a countdown (a la David Letterman) of

the top ten reasons why I love Nutrisystem.

10.  Nutrisystem meals are fast to prepare.

Like everything, practice makes perfect.  When I first started, it did take me a bit of time to make my meals.  But now that I’m familiar with the food, it’s so fast to make a delicious feast!

9.  The program is easy to follow.

Nutrisystem gives me the entrees for my meals and I just add fresh fruit, vegetables, and dairy.  Easy-peasey.  There isn’t a whole lot of thought involved, which I like.  For more than just the obvious reason, the less time I spend thinking about food, the less I want to eat.

8.  The food tastes good.

I’ve found a number of dishes that I like very much.  Yes, there are a few “stinkers” in the menu… at least I don’t like them.  But everyone has different taste in food and there’s probably someone out there that likes that Chicken Salad.  or whatever.  Which leads me to number seven…..

7.  You can chose your food.

You don’t have to take a pre-selected menu of food.  Although you can choose “favorites” if you aren’t picky or don’t want to take the time to choose your own food.

6.  There are tips about eating out.

Nutrisystem doesn’t expect or require you to eat only their food every day.  It’s reasonable to think that you will be eating in restaurants and they give you the tools you need to do that and still be successful.  Which leads me to number 5….

5.  There is tons of support.

The Nutrisystem website has many options for support information to help you.  There are tips, forums, recipes, FAQ, advice, testimonials, games, well quizzes, exercise plans, counseling.  Which leads me to number 4….

4.  The amount of support and contact is adjustable to what you want and what works for you.

There is so much available through Nutrisystem, I can’t even tell you.  I haven’t even explored all the options on the member site – there is an incredible amount of information and tools.  AND you can customize it to what / how much you want.  I haven’t had a need or reason to spend any significant time searching the site yet, but just knowing that’s it’s available is awesome.  I know that sometime in the future, I will hit a plateau, or some challenge and want more help.  And it’s there.

3.  You are not alone in the journey to lose weight and be healthier.

The Nutrisystem community is huge.  I feel like, at any time, I can turn to the community for help.  And not just the bloggers who are also in the Nutrisystem program, the website community is there for me.

2.  The desserts.

Gotta tell you, even though the food tasting good is #8, the desserts have to get a number all of their own and it goes almost to the top.  I love chocolate and dessert.  With Nutrisystem, I do not feel deprived in the least.  In fact, I’ve surprised myself and even skipped dessert occasionally.  Well, once.  No, more than once.  The biscotti is as good as Starbucks.  The pound cake is as good as Sara Lee.   The caramel bar is as good as Snickers.  The coconut is as good as Almond Joy.  Yes, they are that good.  Diet?  Yes, but I don’t feel like it!

Drumroll, please.  Brrrrrrpppppppp……. Brrrrpppppppp…….


1.  (whisper) it works…   (a little louder)  It works…  (joyful shout)  IT WORKS!!!

MORE THAN TEN POUNDS IN LESS THAN A MONTH.  It works.  I’m so excited, can you tell?  I just had to make some fun, visual representations  on the Nutrisystem website.  Well, maybe a graph isn’t exactly fun.  But I love, love, love that downhill slope!  It is fun!

And, in this last week was, Thanksgiving!  Wow, I’m just so excited!

Disclosure: If you are interested in joining or learning more about Nutrisystem you can do so here or call 888-853-4689. All products have been provided to me free of charge as a selected blogger of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program. All opinions are 100% mine and no monetary compensation was given for my opinion.

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