Weekly Weigh In – And Who Are You Doing This For?

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I think, as women, we have a tendency to put everyone’s needs above our own.  We make decisions in our lives for our parents, our children, our husbands, our siblings.  Only occasionally do we do something that is purely for ourselves.

As women, our relationship with eating is a complicated one.  It’s not for nourishment, we don’t eat because we’re hungry as much as we eat for emotional reasons.  What we eat is tied to what we look like, and whoa, that is tied to so many emotional issues.

In wanting to be healthy, in wanting to be beautiful, in wanting to be sexy, we embark on weight loss journeys.

If you are on a journey, as I am, why are you choosing this path?  Have you articulated it?  We set goals of x number of pounds, but have you also set goals of a size, a pair of jeans, a red dress?

My stated goal, which is to lose 40 pounds – to see the scale say “145”, is not really my true goal.  And I haven’t formulated in my mind (until now) what exactly my true goal is.  But, in my heart, I’ve had a goal – for my daughter to be proud of me.  Right now, she is only five and she is proud of me no matter what.  (Although on Friday she said to me, “Mommy you’re not as fat as you used to be.”)  But as she gets older and has a better eye for size, so to speak, I want her to be proud.  I won’t be the youngest mom, I won’t be the prettiest mom, but I don’t want to be the fattest mom.  And I don’t want to be the dead mom.

I want to be around for my daughter’s first day of Kindergarten, her first swim meet, her first school dance, her first date, her first day of college, her wedding, her first baby.  And to do that, I need to be healthy.  And to be healthy, I need to be at a healthy weight.  And that wasn’t where I was, wasn’t where I am today.  But, thanks to Nutrisystem, I’m on my way.






To holding my granddaughter.

And Nutrisystem is helping me on that journey.

Where are you going?  Why are you going there?  Who is helping you?

Okay, time for the weigh-in. dun,dun, dun, da.  No worries!  It’s a good one :)


105 Days

Starting Weight: 185.0

Current Weight: 161.4

Total Loss: 23.6

Goal Weight: 145.0

If you are thinking about joining me on my Nutrisystem journey, check out their website here, http://www.nutrisystem.com or call 888-853-4689. They are having a special right now – rolling back to 2003 prices.

If you want to read more about my personal experience with Nutrisystem, click on the “Nutrisystem” green tab at the top of the page, right under “Lucky You” and all the posts I wrote about Nutrisystem will pop up, or type “Nutrisystem” in the search box.

Disclosure: Nutrisystem products have been provided to me free of charge as a selected blogger of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program. All opinions are 100% mine and no monetary compensation was given for my opinion.


  1. 1

    Awesome! Congrats on your weight loss! :)

  2. 3

    I’m exceptionally averse to a number of the weight loss plans that I have seen around. I do not know much about nutrisystem, but you guys have made it seem like a good thing, and those of you who are trying it do seem to convey an emotionally healthy attitude about weight loss. :)
    I may hit them up- not because I am trying to lose weight, but I am curious if perhaps their structured diet would be a good thing for me- I’m trying to get my blood sugar under control. :)

    And congratulations. Pay attention to the biggest thing here- the biggest thing isn’t so much the weight loss, but your courage and willingness to work towards your goals. THAT is awesome.

    • 4

      Thank you! Check the progress of Diabetic Snacker. She is on the Nutrisystem Diabetic plan and I think she’s been very happy with it.

  3. 5

    Awesome post, Kelly! You’re totally right, it’s not all about looking good and smaller jeans (although those are great benefits!) but it’s about being healthy. Taking care of ourselves and our bodies and being here for our families.

    I couldn’t agree more with just wanting my daughters to be proud of me as they get older, that’s a perfect goal!

  4. 7

    Congratulations Kelly! That’s fantastic!

  5. 9

    Way to go Kelly! I’m so proud of you! We were definitely on the same thinking path this week! That is what I want to do–get healthy and live long enough for my grandchildren–and great grandchildren!!

    • 10

      It means so much to have friends like you Melissa to do this with!!

      Did you see I signed up for Brands and Bloggers Summit? Thanks for telling me about it and we have a guest room available for you and your family any time!

  6. 11

    Wow! Congrats on the weight loss. This was a very touching post, by the way. I’m glad that you want to be there for your daughter and you are well on your way to being a healthier you. : )

  7. 12

    I’d love to be able to try a program like Nutrisystem. My problem is the $ aspect of it. How easy is it to stick to?

  8. 13

    Way to go! That is really hard, so I am proud of you!
    After I hit 40, it became so hard to lose weight. I just keep telling myself – those pounds are mine to keep if they creep on!

  9. 14

    I was so close to joining NutriSystem until they told me I couldn’t because some of the entrees and desserts had peanuts in them and I am allergic. So I have to find a eating plan that can work for me. SO happy for you on your weight loss. Keep it up!

  10. 15

    You are awesome! You and your journey are such an inspiration. :)

    Here’s to a great next week on the journey!!


  11. 16

    Great post. I have 80 pounds to lose. I wish I could work with Nutrisystem to make that happen. Unfortunately there is no way it will fit in our budget. Now that I am anemic and have been restricted from exercising the 15 pounds I did lose last year is creeping back on. Ugh!

  12. 17

    Wow, great job. You are doing awesome!!

  13. 18

    woohoo that’s fantastic!!!

  14. 19

    Lady, you are inspiring me!!

  15. 20

    On so many levels, I could not agree with you more.

    Until I started my diet I did not realize how much I love food. I would wait until evening to really eat a good meal, running off coffee for as long as possible during the day as I out myself on the back burner chasing after five kids. I find myself dreaming about the foods I can not eat. I had no idea how much I really love food.

    My goal is 135-140…. I’ve lost 10 pounds so far. Congrats on your success!

  16. 21

    You go, girl! And I totally agree, I’m on a quest for a healthier me for the sake of me and my family, that is sooo what matters :)

  17. 22

    There are so many health problems that can be avoided when you lose the extra weight, especially around the belly. I’m not preaching because I need to lose it too. Congrats on reaching your goal!

  18. 23

    :-( I really have to up my game again. I had lost from a size 12 to an 8 and am now back up to 10s. I just don’t have the time and sitting at this computer for house each day is killing my weight loss goals. :-(

  19. 24

    You’re absolutely right. Women do have a tendency to do for others but not for themselves. I’m on a mission this year to change things for myself. Thanks for the inspiration and congratulations on all your progress!

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