What Did You Have For Breakfast?

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What did you have for breakfast this morning?  The importance of a good breakfast cannot be underestimated whether you’re on a child or an adult.  And especially if you are on weight-loss program like I am or wanting to lose weight.

Nutritional studies have proven that children who eat healthy, balanced breakfast get higher grades than those who don’t!  They are more alert and focused.  I know Rosie has better moods and is generally happier when she has eaten a good, balanced breakfast.  What is a healthy, balanced breakfast consist of?  Well the National Institute for Health says it “includes a variety of foods such as fiber-rich and whole-grain cereals with low fat milk; yogurt and berries; toast, eggs and 100 percent fruit juice; or whole wheat bagels and cream cheese with low-fat milk.”

For adults, it is just as important to start the day right by eating a healthy breakfast.  The Mayo Clinic says when adults eat a healthy breakfast, they’re more likely to:

  1. Eat more vitamins and minerals
  2. Eat less fat and cholesterol
  3. Have better concentration and productivity throughout the morning
  4. Control your weight
  5. Have lower cholesterol, which may reduce your risk of heart disease
Did you see #4?  That’s my fave!
Are you pressed for time in the morning?  Is it too hectic and crazy to make and eat a healthy breakfast?  Here’s some tips from Mayo Clinic on how to have a healthy breakfast, fast!
  1. Plan ahead and set out healthy cereal, fruit, bowls and silverware the night before!  Just grab the milk out of the fridge and you’re ready.
  2. If you love oatmeal (we do!) but don’t have time (or energy) to cook it in the morning, cook it the night before!  Leave it in the pan, in the fridge and then just heat it up in the morning.  Easy!
  3. Pack a to-go breakfast the night before.  Make a “sack-breakfast” and take it with you.
Here’s what I had for breakfast on my Nutrisystem program.  This is one of my favorites because it’s so easy.  Cereal with blueberries and milk.  The whole grain cereal is filling and healthy.  The blueberries are a sweet treat!  The Nutrisystem breakfasts are my favorites of the three meals.  Of course, snack/dessert is my favorite of all, but of breakfast, lunch and dinner, I find the breakfast foods to be the most delicious.  And for some reason, it’s kind of silly, but having the cereal in an easy packet and pre-measured makes a big difference.  I think when I stop Nutrisystem and go to my own maintenance again, I’m going to try pre-measuring cereal into containers.  It’s silly but “whatever works”, right?
If you would like to join me on this journey, I would love to have company!!  Nutrisystem just announced their Fall Sale – lowest prices of the year – the website says it’s less than $3 / meal.  What are you waiting for?  Go here (http://nutrisystem.com/nsblog) formore information about losing weight and getting healthier with Nutrisystem.Disclosure: Nutrisystem products have been provided to me free of charge as a selected blogger of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program in the hope that I would write about my experience.   All opinions are 100% mine and no monetary compensation was given for my opinion.


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    WOW, that cereal looks DELICIOUS!
    I really am not a fan of breakfasts, but I KNOW they are important. One of my favorites to make; that even my KIDS eat up and ask for seconds and thirds is our Kids favorite Oatmeal>/a>

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    Good luck on your Nutrisystem journey! I had breakfast this morning…but I don’t think a chocolate chip bagel is a good breakfast lol

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