What Should I Wear to Conferences, Meetings, Events?

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Help!  The Disney Social Media Moms Conference is coming up in a little over a week and I have no idea what to wear! Dressy, casual, professional?  It’s supposed to be business casual, but I’ve never really known what that is!  Okay, every sentence has a “!” or a “?”, I’m panicking.

Have you gone to a conference lately, blog or otherwise?  What did you think of the fashion?  *sigh*  I’m clueless.

The weather is going to be an average of 78 degrees during the day and 54 at night. As someone who hasn’t worn anything but jeans, turtlenecks and Cuddl Duds for the last five months, I’m having trouble wrapping my brain around sunshine and warm (but SO looking forward to it!).  I’m also used to Chicago – urban black and as an accent color, black.  But as I remember, in Florida, things are more casual and there isn’t much black worn.

These are the events:

  • ** Reception and FairyTale Weddings Platinum Soiree  4:30-6:00  (Wedding Pavilion)
  • Family Dinner  6:00 (along the shores of the GF Resort)
  • ** Conference Session Day (Conference Center)
  • Family Dinner at Hollywood Studios
  • ** Morning Activities (more info to come, I’m guessing a press event with what new and coming soon from Disney)
  • Family Dinner at Epcot

I think I’m okay with what to wear to the Family Dinners – Jeans, nice top, and a light jacket.  Easy-peasy.  What I’m not so sure about is the ** events above.  What do you think?  Dressy?  Casual?  Here’s my choices, would you help me choose?

Let me know in the comments what your favorites are for the Weddings Reception, the Conference Sessions, and Morning Activities.  Feel free to suggest different combinations and be brutal!  Say, “go back and start over” – you won’t hurt my feelings and some of those still have the tags on them and I can take them back :)  Thank you – any suggestions SO appreciated!!


Outfit #1: Sheer Beige Top over White Tank with Beige Stretch Slacks, Heels, Sparkly Scarf

Outfit #2: Poppies Top with Dk Green Lined Dress Slacks


Outfit #3: Gold Crinkle Shirt over White Tank with Dark Green Dress Lined Slacks

Outfit #4: Crinkle Shirt on Flower Side, over White Tank with Beige Slacks

Outfit #5: Suit - Dark Green

Outfit #6: Poppies Top with White Denim Capris


Pink Lightweight Jacket for Evening Events

Outfit #7: Khaki Pants with Green Shirt and Jean Jacket

Outfit #8: Jeans, Fish Print Shirt, Jean Jacket

What do you think?  Please feel free to nominate me for TLC’s “What Not to Wear”!!


  1. 1

    Event #1 I like Outfit #1
    Event #2 I LOVE Outfit #6
    Event #3 Either Outfit #7 or #8

  2. 3

    really like #1

  3. 5

    Here are my top choices:
    Weddings reception- outfit #1
    Conference sessions- outfit #4
    Morning activities- outfit #6
    Have fun! :)

  4. 7

    Love the poppies top! Love Outfit #7…you look good in them all!

    I need to go shopping…can’t wait to meet your family and see you again!

    • 8

      You are so sweet! Thanks to Nutrisystem, everything fits better than last year.

      Looking forward to seeing you too, Melissa!! My daughter (5 years old) is just over-the-moon excited. Choosing clothes for her was easy. 1. Jessie costume 2. Cinderella costume So fun! Happily, most of her summer clothes still fit *whew*.

  5. 9

    Love #1, #2, and #6. What a great opportunity! Wish I could go and get to meet you. :)

  6. 11

    I like the following:
    Reception – Outfit #2: Total win for a Spring Evening
    Conference Sessions – Outfit #3 or #5, business wear
    Saturday Morning – Outfit #8 casual, very photographable

    The thing that I have been thinking about while shopping is that we signed a media waiver for Disney to use our image in any way they like. As long as the outfit photographs the way you want to be seen, your good to go!

    • 12

      I pulled out my pictures from last year and I was wearing a hoodie in one, my pink fleece (which I love, but it has it’s place). Not how I want to look this year, thanks for reminding me about pictures!

  7. 13

    My faves are 1,2, 7 and 8!

  8. 14

    I was invited last year to the Disney Social Media Conference and you will have a wonderful time. Your outfits are great, but there is no need to dress up for any of the events. Clean and cute is all that matters. And you really don’t need the suit. You can read my Disney Social Media posts at this link http://www.freeismylife.com/2010/02/review-what-i-learned-from-mickey-mouse.html

  9. 15

    You look great!
    #1 is very flattering. Love a long scarf for that!
    #6 is a total win, and would work for any of the activities. I’m wishing I could see the rest of the shoes, because I love me a T-strap sandal!
    The poppies top is really cute and flattering, too. I wish I had a maxi dress in that print!
    I love the hot pink light jacket.
    I agree that the suit is probably too business and not enough fun. I’m all for being overdressed, but I think you’d be uncomfortable.
    Another thought: I really love the gold top, but I think it’s most flattering on the flower side.
    Can’t wait to meet you all! We’ll have such a blast!

  10. 16

    Outfit #7.

    I have a preference for solid colors over print, since they can cause a distraction. This ensemble is clean, neat and friendly. I’s a good balance between being work-oriented and casual Friday chic!

    I’ve tweeted your post to see if anyone else would be interested in providing you with some good advice!

    -Aidy @ Officesassy.com

    • 17

      Thanks for the great advice, Aidy. I agree with you about solid colors and appreciate the re-tweet!

  11. 18

    #4 is my favorite, I would wear that to Wedding Pavillion reception. I also love #6, I think that would be perfect for a day of conferences. For the morning event I would go for jeans – I like the top half of #7 or #3 with your jeans! Have a great time! The weather in Orlando is beautiful right now.

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