What Would You Give to Look Younger? Feel Younger? Be Thinner?

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Isn’t it amazing how much we spend on clothes, make-up, fitness equipment and skin care?  All trying to look and feel younger! 

How much do we spend on diet aids, health club memberships, exercise clothes and pain medication?  How much do we suffer from aches and pains or allergies?

But, if you’re like me, you keep putting off buying a new mattress! 

I used various excuses – it was too much money, I didn’t know how to shop.  Well, we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed!  Do we spend 1/3 of our money on our bedrooms?  I know I don’t!  It doesn’t even cost that much – not even close – to create a bedroom that is a haven.  Create a place to get a good night’s sleep.

It all starts with a good mattress.  In past posts, I’ve told you why I chose a Sealy and the difference it has made.  It’s hard to explain how much better I feel when I wake up in the morning.  It’s only been short time since I’ve been sleeping on my new mattress, so I hesitate to give 100% credit to the mattress, but I wake up feeling refreshed and without the aches and pains that have bothered me in the past.  I was just starting to consider taking ibuprofen every morning, to lessen the pains I was feeling.  I haven’t take one since I started sleeping on my new Sealy Next Generation Posturepedic.

A good mattress can change how you feel and function throughout the day!  Isn’t that more important than a new TV or new clothes?

Here are some brief tips on how to create your own “Sleep Haven” – a place to relax, retreat, renew and restore.  The most important factors match with our five senses!

#1  Touch – Bedding.  Invest in a quality mattress.  A mattress is the largest factor in determining whether you have a good night’s sleep.  Sheets and pillowcases in a higher thread count are generally softer and more comfortable.  Bedding should be washed regularly and in hot water to minimize allergens.

#2  Sight – Lighting.  Find the ideal lighting.  Most people sleep best in total darkness.  There are many options for room-darkening curtains and blinds that can create “night” conditions, if you are not always able to sleep in the dark.  Eliminate any bright lights.

#  3  Sound – Peaceful Silence.  If you can’t create an atmosphere of silence (we have trains in our area), a white sound may help.  A fan running, a fountain or a sound machine may be what you need to neutralize sounds you can’t eliminate.

#4  Smell – Aromatherapy.  There are many theories about the effects of smell on our lives.  Bedrooms should be aired out regularly.  Scents like lavender have been shown to promote good sleep!

#5 Temperature.  I’m substituting temperature as a sense when it comes to creating a bedroom haven.  Use a fan, window air conditioner, portable heater – whatever adjusts the temperature in your bedroom to a comfortable feel for you.  We have a window air conditioner in our bedroom, despite the house air conditioner.  We like the bedroom colder and there is no sense in freezing the whole house – so we have a window unit.  I love it!

Unless you sleep like a baby and wake up saying, “I love this bed.”, it’s time to start mattress shopping!  You deserve it!  Your body and mind deserve a good night’s sleep.

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    Thanks for a really useful article. Come by my space as well. I’m not doing a Wordless Wednesday, rather I have shifted to a new series called Weightloss Wednesdays. I love experimenting and sharing; the joy that comes from knowing your personal tip did wonders for someone else too is just so cool! I’m inviting all the ladies to this one, so I hope you take out time and visit me.

    Have a great day ahead!

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    That is so true about a good bed! I had the same bed for over 20 years and when I finally got a new one – it was amazing! It is so comfortable. I sleep way better, my back almost never hurts, etc :)
    Becca recently posted..Kroger Cart Buster – $25 Kroger Gift Card Giveaway

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    Nothing beats a good mattress! After years of consulting work where I traveled to a different city every night, I can truly appreciate a good nights rest.
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    I agree… a great mattress makes ALL the difference in getting a good nights sleep. :)
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    Once we got a good mattress, we started waking up more refreshed. A good mattress does make a difference!

    Around My Family Table
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    What a great post. A good mattress can make all the difference. I finally have the kids in ‘good’ queen size beds. My 17 year old is 6’4″ so it was important to have him in a bed that he could comfortably fit in. Sleep is important so how you sleep means all the difference in the world.

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    Just what I needed. Wow, how did you know? ;-) Stumbled.
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    So true! Great tips! Thanks for stumbling on my blog :)

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    great info – stumbled you back!

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    We need a new mattress!

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