What’s New At The International Home + Housewares Show #IHHS2014

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#IHHS2014 Me and BIG Cookware Text

I love going to the International Home + Housewares Show.  It is incredible to see all the new, fun, creative, beautiful, amazing products for your home.

Show Floor

I am committed to juicing and having healthy smoothies.  The forces (my friend at Healthy Heyday, No Boundaries,  New Balance, runDisney, and my friend Giselle) have come together to convince me that it’s time!  There were two juicers/blenders that stood out for me.  The first is the “Gold Standard” of blenders, Vitamix.  I have heard a billion good things about Vitamix and not one negative.  I headed over to the Vitamix booth to see for myself.  In addition to their workhorse 5200, that has won “Best Blender” in test after test, I was excited to see a new personal blender.  With a smaller footprint and ready-to-go container, this new Vitamix won my heart!

New Vitamix Personal Blender with Ready To Go Cup

The smoothie craze continues as Americans show their love for blended beverages. In fact, an ongoing online study by ORC International on blended drinks found that more than 3.2 billion smoothies were made in homes throughout the U.S. in 2013, as compared to 2.8 billion in 2012. 

“The trend of creating blended beverages at home is clearly on the rise, as Americans consumed nearly half a billion more smoothies than they did last year,” said Karen Haefling, vice president of marketing, Vitamix. “Vitamix machines can quickly blend whole foods for a refreshing smoothie, making it easy for families to get the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables.”

“Our new personal blender, the Vitamix S30, was designed with convenience in mind,” said Haefling. “The S30 comes with two containers, including a blend-and-go cup that fits comfortably in cup holders and makes it easy to eat healthy on the run. The machine itself is sleek and lightweight, so it’s a perfect companion for the office, gym or business trip.”

Here it is with the Blend-And-Go Container:

New Vitamix Personal Blender with Ready To Go Cup 2 Text

In my quest for healthier eating, I’m also looking for a juicer.  The one I have now is huge, taking up a ton of counter space.  But even more annoying is all the parts that I have to wash.  It literally fills up my whole sink or the top rack of my dishwasher, all by itself.  Who has time to deal with that every day?

juicepresso cold press juicer

*Enter to fanfare* – the Juicepresso.  It has the smallest footprint of any juicer (yay!  free up that counter space). Juicepresso also has less parts, the designer has combined three parts of traditional juicers into just one.  Beyond ease of use, because the slow press is a cold process, enzymes and nutrients from fruits and veggies are preserved and you not only get more juice, but also healthier juice.

·       Patented one-piece extraction system (three-in-one extractor systems, merges the auger, strainer and rotating brush components and dishwasher safe).
·       Slow pressing with a 40-RPM motor, gently squeezes the last drop of juice, enzymes and nutrients from fruits and veggies
·       40% more juice
·       72-hour juice life
·       Almost the smallest footprint and lowest maintenance of any in-home slow juicer on the market
·       Make more than just juice, you can make soups, pancakes, etc.
juicepresso juice
I met the inventor and he demonstrated the unit for me.  Very impressive!  The Juicepresso is on my “wish list”.
Juicepresso Inventor
One of the most interesting and smartest small appliances I saw is from Remington and called iCoffee.  Have you ever thought about how your drip coffee maker works?  Hot water goes in a straight line through the grounds.  What about the grounds on the edges?  Have you ever tasted coffee before the whole pot was finished brewing?  It’s a lot stronger in the beginning and weaker at the end, isn’t it?  If you’ve tried coffee made in a French Press before, you know that it is smoother and less acidic.  That’s because it completely surrounds and suspends coffee grounds with hot water, extracting the flavor.  Now the iCoffee achieves that by steaming and stirring your favorite coffee releasing a symphony of exquisite flavors, but in a more convenient way than the French Press.  The iCoffee looks like a drip brewer and has the ease of a drip brewer, but the coffee is nothing like a drip brewer.  I drink my coffee normally with cream and sugar, but I was able to drink the coffee from the iCoffee without either, because the taste was so smooth and delicious.  As an added bonus, SteamBrewing sounds like Grandma’s percolator and brings back many fond memories.
icoffee clear viewing area try
Remington also makes a single-cup model, called the iCup.  It’s also a rotational stembrew system, that will support any time or manufacturer of K-Cups.
iCup rotational steam brew
There was so much color at the show this year.  And I can’t say the word “color” without including pictures from Fiesta!  I’ve had and loved Fiesta for about eight years.  It is my all time favorite dinnerware.  Fun, pretty, cheerful… I love it!
Love, love, love Fiesta Text
This would look so awesome on my patio table this summer….
New Fiesta Beverage Server Text
And you can’t talk about “Fiesta” and “New” without talking about the new color for 2014!!!!  It’s gorgeous!!!
Fiesta New Color Poppy
Le Creuset had their latest color on display.
Le Creuset Palm
This was a fun product that I had to try to appreciate.  The Drosselmeyer nutcracker worked so well! And you have to love the name, right?
Drosselmeyer Nutcracker
I’ve already bought these scrubby gloves to clean your veggies on Amazon.  I did it right after the show, can’t wait to try them.
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  1. 1
    Dorothy Teel says:

    I love that beautiful Poppy color Fiesta ware but that green Le Creuset is also beautiful, thank you for sharing your trip to the show, it was fun, I bet you were totally impressed when you looked down on the display as shown in the first picture in this post, would definitely over whelm me. LOL

  2. 2
    Birdiebee says:

    The show looks like it would be so much fun. I would have a blast as I love to shop and seek out new housewares. I would love to have the Vitamix pictured.

  3. 3

    wow i could spend ALL DAY in there!!

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