Who Do You Want At Your Finish Line?

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#TryALittleGoodness Celebrate Every Finish Line

Do you have a goal?

I started running two years ago and one of the things I like about it is that I’m always setting goals for longer runs, faster times, or finishing races.  I might not win, even in my age group, but I’m not running “against” anyone else.  I’m running “for” myself.  I remember hearing advice to set short term, reachable goals rather than looking at the long term.  The long term goal might seem unattainable.  That’s how a running training program starts.  You don’t set out to run a marathon, you start with running for one minute.  I think my Couch-to-5K coach even fudged on the one minute and called “walk” sooner because I was struggling!  But this past Sunday, I ran my fourth Half Marathon.  If I had originally started out with a goal of 13.1 miles, I would have gone right back to that couch.

To motivate me during the long thirteen miles of the Half Marathon, I turned to strong people I am blessed to have in my life.  They have all faced difficulties and done something that truly inspires me.  I wrote their names on my arm and as I ran, at each mile marker I pulled up my sleeve to reveal the name of the next person.   Thinking about them gave me a reason to smile, a reason to find a bit more energy, and a reason to keep running.

#TryALittleGoodness Inspiration Names On Arm

Why did I only write 10 names for a 13 mile race?  For the last three miles, I asked my family – husband, daughter, mother to write me a note of encouragement.  I gave them a old photograph album and asked them to each choose a picture that would surprise, motivate, or in some way help me get through the last three miles.  And it did.

#TryALittleGoodness Old Photos

In a way, I had my friends and family cheering me on throughout the entire race.  One at each mile.  It got me through it.  Are you or someone you know struggling to reach a goal?  Encouragement and celebration can make a difference.  We are all so busy, it’s important to take time and enjoy the good things in life.  It doesn’t take much.  Just a snack and a balloon can be a celebration of an accomplishment!

My daughter is the best thing I can imagine to have waiting for at a finish line!  Here she is with goodnessknows® snack squares and balloons.  With something like this motivating me, I know I can go from goodness to greatness!

#TryALittleGoodness goodnessknows finish line 2


After running 13.1 miles, I crave healthy food more than junk.  Because goodnessknows® snack squares are made with real fruit, dark chocolate and whole nuts, I can feel good about eating them.  I first tasted them at an in-store demo at Walmart.  Don’t you love those demos?  It’s the chance to try something new!

#TryALittleGoodness Bar CloseUp

goodnessknows® snack squares come in three varieties:

  • goodnessknows® Cranberry, Almond, Dark Chocolate
  • goodnessknows® Apple, Almond & Peanut, Dark Chocolate

  • goodnessknows® Peach & Cherry, Almond, Dark Chocolate

#TryALittleGoodness InStore Demo goodnessknows,png

Look for goodnessknows® snack squares at Walmart by the checkout counter!  Before you go, click here for a coupon!

#TryALittleGoodness InStore Photo

How will goodnessknows® snack squares take you from goodness to greatness?  Be sure to check out more great ways goodnessknows® helps achieve goodness to greatness on our social hub. I’d love to hear about your favorite goodnessknows® snack square flavor!


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    Samantha K says:

    My goal is to run a half marathon next year and I love the idea of having a little encouragement each mile! Great job on your 4th half!! (client)

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