Why I’m Taking Pictures of Baby Clothes and Crying…

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I’ve been saving Rosie’s baby clothes, well, those she wore on special occasions.  I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with them, but they brought back such special memories for me.

The outfit she wore the first time I saw her and held her in my arms…

The outfit she wore when our adoption was complete and we became a family…

The dress Rosie wore the first time my mom held her…

Are you crying too?

I sat with Rosie and told her the story associated with each one and then took pictures of 10 outfits last week.  I finally found something very special to do with them!  The Patchwork Bear makes these adorable Baby Clothes Keepsake Bears from special clothing that you send to them!

And coming soon!  A giveaway from The Patchwork Bear!  The Patchwork Bear is going to give one lucky KLY reader a bear of their own.

When my bear arrives, I’ll share pictures and post a giveaway – so stay tuned!

In the meantime, check out The Patchwork Bear website.  They also make quilts and other special, personalized keepsake items.



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    I spent saturday going through baby clothes and poking them in a box to keep. Certain ones are so special.

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    love the idea behind these bears – great way to hold on to the memories but not all the clothes taking up room! These bears are so cute. The quilt would also be a great keepsake.
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