Wild Africa Trek at Walt Disney World – Part 3 – Lunch on the Savanna

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As part of the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration that I attended at Walt Disney World, I was given the opportunity to experience a new attraction, the Wild Africa Trek.  The Walt Disney World Wild Africa Trek is a private, extended tour of the Harambe Wildlife Reserve and its animals. Read Part 1 of my adventure here and Part 2 here.

View During Lunch

Throughout the entire Walt Disney World Wild Africa Trek, you feel special and privileged.  The whole tour is designed to give you a back-stage, close-up look at the African landscape.  Everything is first-class and comfortable, yet still with a sense of adventure.
The lunch break is no different.  A viewing station sits in the middle of the savanna, where you enjoy a delicious, gourmet lunch and watch the wild animals.  I felt like a film star or a well, an African princess!  It is Disney, after all!

Edible Orchid in the Center of Fruit with Ginger and Mint Glaze; Berry Yogurt; and Brie Cheese with Apricots

Our lunch was presented in a metal two layer container – sort of a stainless stackable bento box.  The food was delicious!  The top layer had fruit balls marinated in a mint and ginger glaze; brie cheese with dried apricots; berry yogurt with dried cranberries and granola.  There was evena handy little bamboo spoon tucked inside.  The second layer was prosciutto and dried beef; fig bread with almonds; pita bread; and smoked salmon roll with dill cream cheese on a bed of jiicama and cucumber slaw.  Our lunch was as beautiful as it was tasty.  Prepared at The Tusker House restaurant, different meals are served at different times during the tour.

Prosciutto and Dried Beef; Salmon Roll with Dill Cream Cheese; and Fig Cake with Almonds

The Top Five Things I Loved About the Wild Africa Trek

1.    Seeing the animals with the time and proximity to truly enjoy their beauty.
2.    Hiking through the wildlife area on the bush walk.
3.    Crossing the bridges – shaky and fun, but not scary.
4.    The harness safety line that let you lean over and have a freedom of movement without fear of falling.
5.    Lunching like a princess on a delicious meal, while watching the amazing animals.

For more information about the Disney Wild Africa Trek ,visit www.disneyworld.com/wildafricatrek.

Disclosure:  I attended the 2011 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration conference.  Although I paid a fee to attend, as part of the conference, I received complimentary items, special discounts, and other benefits.  Disney never requested that I blog about the experience but I love sharing things that make me feel lucky with readers, and this definitely qualifies as something that made me feel lucky!

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