Wild Africa Trek at Walt Disney World – Part 4 – It’s a Bargain, Really! Tips if You are Going on the Adventure

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As part of the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration that I attended at Walt Disney World, I was given the opportunity to experience a new attraction, the Wild Africa Trek.  The Walt Disney World Wild Africa Trek is a private, extended tour of the Harambe Wildlife Reserve and its animals. Read Part 1 of my adventure here , Part 2 – The Animals here and Part 3 – Lunch on the Savanna here.

If you read my past posts, you know that the Wild Africa Trek is an amazing way to see and experience the animals at Disney World.  But, if you’re like me there is always that unspoken question lingering over it – how much does it cost?

This is the difficult part – usually, feeling like a princess comes at a price.  How much does all this cost?  The information I saw on the website said, “Call for information.  Varies seasonally”.  I know that it was initially offered at $129 and can go as high as, at least, $200.

BUT, the good news is, at the end of the tour, you are given a Disney’s PhotoPass* that contains a code to order a CD of all the pictures on the tour.  And any other pictures you have taken with that Disney’s PhotoPass.  A CD of your PhotoPass pictures can cost approximately $150.  If you are going to buy a Disney’s PhotoPass CD of your trip anyway, then that makes the Wild Africa Trek much more reasonable!! One of your party can go on the Trek at the beginning of your trip and then use that Photo Pass the rest of your trip.  If the Trek, is $200 and the PhotoPass is $150, that makes the incremental cost of the Trek only $50.  Considering that you receive a gourmet meal – it is a bargain.  (Yes, I drive my husband crazy when I do a cost-justification for something I really want *wink*).  The biggest question is going to be, who in your party gets to go on the Trek.

One of the views during the Wild Africa Trek Adventure

Now, that I’ve convinced you to go on the Trek, here are:

Tips to Enjoy the Wild Africa Trek, Animal Kingdom, Disney World

What to Wear
Wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing.  You will be hiking at a medium-pace, so don’t dress in tight or too-warm clothing.  The vest is a net-type but still adds a bit of warmth.  Shorts are most comfortable, but long shorts or capris are best with the safety harness.  Short sleeves are recommended – if you have a sleeveless shirt the vest may rub on your arms.  You do brush up against branches, ferns, and vegetation.  If that bothers you or if you are very sensitive to sun, you may want to wear long sleeves.  The gear weighs about five pounds.
Athletic-type shoes work best – you must have closed toes and heals and athletic shoes are comfortable for the amount of walking.  If it’s sunny, you can bring sunglasses and the guides will give you a foam neck guard to keep them around your neck when you are not wearing them.

If you love taking pictures, there are great opportunities for you!  Take your camera with a strap and be prepared for lots of pictures!  But, if you are not an avid photographer, the guides will be taking pictures and are more than happy to capture the shots you ask them to take for you.  On our tour, I mentioned that bloggers are all about the food and asked for pictures of our lunch which they were more than happy to take.  I also requested a picture of the crocodile teeth a guide showed us, sitting in the palm of my hand.  The only time I regretted not having a camera was when I went across the bridge and looked down to watch a crocodile swim by.  Since I was alone, the guide couldn’t take a picture from my vantage point.  Not much sacrifice for the freedom of being able to enjoy the tour without a camera.  But that’s just me.

Eating and Drinking
There are no bathrooms available for the first hour and a half of your trip, so you don’t want to eat or drink a lot before you leave.  It’s wise to time your coffee intake and breakfast/lunch to your trip.
The meal provided is a bit exotic, but there is enough variety to please everyone.  It is prepared by the chefs at the Tusker House.  I’m sure if you have special dietary needs or are a vegan, tell the Disney staff in advance, and they will prepare a meal to meet your restrictions.  The tour is open to children, as well, age 8 and older.  There is a children’s meal also available.

This is a rare opportunity to see beautiful animals in a unique setting.  You have access to knowledgeable guides.  I regretted not doing more research and thinking more of questions I might have before I went on the Trek.  Disney recommends that if you have a fear of heights or any balance problems, that you fore go this adventure.  When you go over the bridges, you may have issues.  There are also weight restrictions, check these before you reserve your space.
We went on a Grand Canyon river rafting trip a few years ago, and a few times, I caught myself thinking, “remember, this isn’t Disney.”  I felt very comfortable on this trip – it is Disney and it felt tested and safe.  They do an excellent job of creating a feeling of danger, without a fear of danger.  It’s hard to explain the delicate balance they achieve.  But if you are truly in search of danger or precarious situations, there are other adventures that will better serve your needs.

Bottom Line
I highly recommend the Wild Africa Trek, if you are visiting Disney World!  The price tag may seem high initially, but don’t forget, it includes that Disney’s PhotoPass*.  If you love animals, like I do, this is an absolute-do-not miss adventure!

For more information about the Disney Wild Africa Trek ,visit www.disneyworld.com/wildafricatrek.

*If you’re not familiar with the Disney’s PhotoPass, it’s a card that you can give to any PhotoPass photographer (they are located all over the parks).  The photographer will take your picture and it is linked to you with the code on the card.  Then during and after your trip, you have access to those photos to order prints, books, gifts, or a CD with all your photos.  For more information about the Disney’s PhotoPass, visit www.disneyphotopass.com.

Disclosure:  I attended the 2011 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration conference.  Although I paid a fee to attend, as part of the conference, I received complimentary items, special discounts, and other benefits.  Disney never requested that I blog about the experience but I love sharing things that make me feel lucky with readers, and this definitely qualifies as something that made me feel lucky!


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    So there isn’t a bunch of plastic/fake animals? That’s one thing about disney that gets to me after awhile!

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      Nope, these are real animals!

      They are still sprinkled with a bit of Disney pixie dust, for example the herbivores are together. Carnivores like the lions are in areas that keep them from having access to anything they might decide looks more like lunch than a neighbor. It is still child-appropriate, after all!

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