Wild Animals Loose in Your Backyard?

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Have you seen the news stories today about the wild animals set loose in Ohio?  We were at a zoo recently and saw two bears fighting – it was frightening, I can’t imagine a scene like that in my backyard!  Or worse!


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    I saw that story. It was awful. I watch a lot of nature and animal shows. I could not imagine it in my back yard either. I just can’t imagine that guy being such a cruel idiot. He had to know what was going to happen
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    This is right near me–and scary! There’s still a monkey loose they’re trying to catch – they said it may be carrying the herpes virus. Very sad that they had to kill them all :(

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    This was a disgusting event.I am about an hour away from where they were and what they did to those animals was a disgrace.That man was investigated tons of times for poor conditions and treatment of those animals and now,because of his stupidity and the animal control ignorance,they are dead.So sad with one of the best zoos in America only an hour away and very capable of helping,but most of them had already been killed before Jack Hanna had a chance to help.Even worse,there is a picture of them lying there,murdered circulating on Facebook.Pathetic.
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    Angela Michels says:

    I agree. I am also very upset that they killed these beautiful animals. Like they said in our local news, there are more laws regarding owing dogs and cats than there are about owning exotic animals.

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    I agree with this event being so horrific that they had to kill all those animals. I understand the danger to people, but they could have replaced their guns with tranquilizers guns and saved them. That seriously disgusted me that they killed them all.
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