Wild Kratts Launch A Toy Line!! Now You Can Play AND Watch On Netflix!

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Imagine if we had the power of this animal?

What if………


Gonna go wild, Wild Kratts!

Wild, wild, Wild Kratts!

Wild Kratts is one of the favorite TV shows in our house.  Adults and kids alike can enjoy (shhhhh, and learn) this show!  And now, okay, I’ll say it, FINALLY, there are Wild Kratts toys!  My daughter flipped when she the Wild Kratts name.  It took her about two seconds to open and start playing with these toys.  Rosie had her own Wild Kratts show going with each of the creature power discs.  Hours of fun!  I was impressed and surprised with how much she remembered from the structure of the show to the features of different animals.

Wild Kratts figure and disc

Just in time for the holidays, by popular demand, the new Wild Kratts toy line from Wicked Cool Toys is in Toys“R”Us stores nationwide and toysrus.com.

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The must-have new Wild Kratts toy range includes:

·         Wild Kratts Creature Power Suit Set Assortment (SRP $19.99) – Fans can “activate” the amazing powers of all sorts of interesting creatures with these Creature Power Suits, one for Chris and one for Martin, each featuring a very special vest and gloves. Collectible creature power discs, which come with a variety of the new Wild Krattsproducts, can be inserted into the center of the vest for endless role-play fun!

·         Wild Kratts Talking Plush Assortment (SRP $17.99 each) – Kids can take Chris and Martin on virtually any animal adventure that they can dream up with these talking Kratt brothers plush, featuring Chris’ and Martin’s signature phrases from the show!

·         Wild Kratts 2PK Figure Set Assortment (SRP $5.99 each) – Kids can act out some of their favorite Wild Kratts adventures with these 3” Creature Power Suit figures, each accompanied by its own power animal and creature power disc!

Wild Kratts Runners Set

·         Wild Kratts 4PK Figure Set Assortment (SRP $9.99 each) –Chris, Martin and their animal friends are ready for action in these jam-packed   sets, each containing a 3” Kratt brother figure in full creature power suit, 3 animal figures, and 4 collectible creature power discs.

Wild Kratts Plush

·         Wild Kratts Wildlife Plush Assortment (SRP $7.99 each) – These soft and cuddly 6” plush animals let kids bring the wildlife adventures home like never before. They can choose from Wild Kratts animal friends Grabsy, Hipster, Koala-Balloon, Little Howler, Spot-Swat, and Shadow – or collect them all!

·         Wild Kratts Createrra Set Assortment (SRP $12.99) – Modeled after the Kratts’ own Createrra jeep from the show, each freewheeling vehicle features real working doors and comes complete with a 3” articulated Kratt brother figure ready to hop aboard for animal-centered exploration!

·         Wild Kratts Creaturepod Projector Set Assortment (SRP $7.99) – Featuring 20 different images, kids can create endless wildlife adventures with this new “Creaturepod” projector set. The set – available in two varieties, green for Chris and blue for Martin – comes equipped with an adjustable black Velcro wrist strap, so young explorers can bring the adventures along with them – anywhere they roam!

I was pleased to see my daughter dive in to the first ever Wild Kratts book, “Wild Sea Creatures: Sharks, Whales and Dolphins!” (SRP: $3.99).  She was as excited about the book, as she was about the toys.  I think having a familiar theme, characters and format made the book more approachable or instantly attractive.

Wild Kratts Runners Set Power Discs

Rosie and I both give Wild Kratts toys an enthusiastic thumbs-up for this years holiday gift-giving.  If you can wait that long!

 Activate Creature Power!

Find more on Wild Kratts:

Visit: pbskids.org/wildkratts/

Facebook: facebook.com/wildkrattsofficial

Twitter: twitter.com/WildKrattsOffic

And if you are a Netflix subscriber like we are, you can watch Wild Kratts any time you want!  Netflix is reasonably priced and has titles for adults and kids alike.  Whether you love movies, tv, original programming or all of the above, Netflix lets you watch your favorite entertainment anywhere at anytime.


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