Win a Del Monte Banana Costume!! Great for Halloween and Anytime You Want to Hear a Giggle!

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Have you chosen your Halloween costume this year?  Delight everyone and be a Del Monte Banana!  Del Monte Fresh Produce is giving away 200 banana costumes to its Facebook fans.  Hurry!  Go over to the Del Monte Facebook page and enter!  It’s easy and you choose the type of costume you want and size.  But hurry!!  The offer ends October 18th!

Actual costume styles may vary


Here are a few tips from Del Monte for a Healthy Halloween!

Turn this Halloween into an opportunity to teach your kids how to make healthy eating choices while still enjoying their treats.  

•               Before heading out the door for Trick-or Treating, make sure your child has a filling and nutritious dinner or healthy snack, such as a peanut butter and banana sandwich, or a piece of fresh fruit. They will be less tempted to dig into their candy bag before they get home.

•               Limit the number of treats your child can have after each meal and make sure they eat their fresh fruits and vegetables before digging into that candy stash.

•                Set a good example.  Don’t let your kids see mom or dad snacking on Halloween candy before meals.


And don’t forget!  Go to to enter to win your own banana costume today.

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