#Win a ScareMeNot – A Specially Trained Good Little Monster

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Do you have a child who is scared of the dark? It’s equally, if not more important for children to get a good night’s sleep as it is for adults. The creators of ScareMeNots, Carl and Mildred Restivo, knew they needed to do more than just check under the bed and leave on a nightlight for their son who suffered from night terrors. When he said, “Monsters that protect you must be much better than the ones that scare you. I need someone to watch over me”, an idea was born!

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Well, together with their son, the Restivo’s created fun creatures called, “ScareMeNots”. ScareMeNots are specially trained good little monsters, whose job is to keep watch over children and chase away anything scary!

Rosie, my five year old daughter, is at the stage where she has become “scared” of different things. It seems like when she was younger, she didn’t know to be afraid, but now it has, unfortunately, kicked in all too well. A dark room is threatening, she doesn’t want to be alone, you know what it’s like! What are your children afraid of?

Rosie loved a few of the characters when I showed them to her on the website, and excitedly chose “Courageous Carrie”.  And this monster is seriously cute!! I was very pleasantly surprised at the colors and feeling I got when opening the box and seeing this adorable little creature.  She is so friendly and fun looking!  Rosie couldn’t wait to hug Carrie.

The tag on Carrie said, “ScareMeNots are all about the tail!” And they are! The tail is bendable and allows you to hang your monster from a doorknob to keep scary monsters away. Or if the closet is scary to your child (that was my scary place!), you can hang the ScareMeNot off a clothing rod. Rosie just likes to hold hers!

The website for ScareMeNots is fun and colorful, go take a look and you will fall in love!  Okay, when I emailed ScareMeNots about doing a review, I said, “There are too many ‘!’ in this email”.  Now it’s official, there are also too many “!” in this post.  But, in my defense, I’m excited about this product – love these little monsters *wink*.

Be prepared to tell the backstory of these adorable critters if you give one to your child!  Rosie took hers shopping with us and so many people asked about it that we became quite adept at telling the story of a ScareMeNot.  I loved hearing Rosie tell people, “Carrie is a good little monster and she protects me!”.


Brushing Courageous Carrie's Tooth (sorry this is sideways!)

Disclosure: All opinions included in this post are my own, unless otherwise stated. In accordance with FTC guidelines, I am disclosing a material connection because I received a gift product for review. My site only publishes reviews of products I can recommend to my readers. The product would have been returned or donated in the case of a negative unpublished review.

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