Winter. Dry Skin. Eucerin? Ah.

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Dry Skin.

It’s officially here at our house.  I woke up last Monday morning feeling the tightness, dryness, roughness of dry skin.  Ick.  Our furnace is running regularly now and that means dry air.  Dry air means dry skin.  Ick.

Time to pack away the summer clothes, take out the humidifier, stock up on moisturizer.  What kinds of things do you do to get ready for winter?  Sean is outside right now cutting the grass and putting away summer outdoor furniture etc.

Have you heard of or tried any products from Eucerin?  Eucerin’s business strategy includes two key elements:  Focus on Skin Care. Closer to Markets.   They have been researching skin care for 130 years and is the focus of all of their efforts.  Their Skin Research Center is one of the leaders in the world.  But Eucerin also knows that they need to maintain a closeness to their market.  What does that mean to us?  Eucerin is always aware of their local consumers – what we want and need in skin care.  And they align their objectives with the local consumers of their products.

The lovely people at Eucerin sent me Eucerin Plus Smoothing Essentials and Eucerin Calming Creme to try for myself.  The Calming Creme intrigued me first.  Eucerin Calming Creme is specifically formulated to stop itchiness from dry skin.  Especially in the beginning of the winter season, my lower legs itch, so I decided to try the calming creme there.  I’ve been using it for five days now and like it very much.  I put it on after I take a shower.  I take hot, hot, hot showers – even though I know it’s bad for my skin, it feels so good!  The Eucerin Calming Creme contains oatmeal.  I’d always heard that if you had poison ivy, you should take an oatmeal bath!  Sometimes the “old home remedies” are still the best.

One very interesting thing I was surprised to read about the Eucerin Calming Creme is that it’s appropriate for children over the age of two.  

There are no added fragrances or dyes.  I love that because Rosie always wants to “do what I do” and it’s tough to repeatedly say, “no, that’s only for grown-ups”.  She always gets dry, itch skin in the winter and I’m excited that we are able to share the same lotion!

The other product Eucerin sent me is the Dry Skin Therapy Plus Smoothing Essentials Fast Absorbing Lotion.  This lotion works on dull, dry skin with buffered alpha hydroxy.  Alpha hydroxy exfoliates and keeps your skin looking clearer and brighter.  Even though on the Eucerin website they recommend using their hand creme, I like this product for my hands because it is fast absorbing.  I can rub it on and then go straight to the keyboard without a greasy feeling.

What separates Eucerin from all the other lotion companies is that they are the brand preferred by dermatologists.  Through working with dermatologists and using technical expertise, Eucerin guarantees reliable and highly effective product innovations with high dermatological standards. By choosing selective active ingredients and requiring clinical proof, Eucerin guarantees excellent product quality.

For more information, go to the Eucerin Facebook Page or Website.

Disclosure of Material Connection:  All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.  Eucerin sent me samples to review their products in the hope that I would blog about them.  This disclosure is in accordance with FTC guidelines.

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