Wow! What did they do to have two eliminated?! Design Star Fizzles!

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Design Star last night was a shocker! Two designers were sent home.  Sadly, everyone seems deflated and depressed this week.  The designers are so uninspired and un-inspiring.  Have you watched?  I thought it would be better after Nina left (she’s the one that threw Courtland under the bus the first week).  Perhaps everyone over-celebrated and had a bad hangover?  The judges seem to be repeating the same criticisms and so am I.  Come on HGTV, throw some time and money at this show!  The designers don’t have enough of either to do a good job.  Design is not a team sport – give each designer their own room.  So much time (theirs AND mine) is wasted on the arguments.

Anyway, sorry, I didn’t mean to rant….  Here are the pitiful designs that got Stacey and Tom sent home!

Stacey, took on the bedroom in the apartment at Trump’s building.  She made curtains from the paint tarp (?????)  Uh, what????? was???? she????? thinking??????  To make it worse, she used torn strips as tiebacks and random decorations.  The group picked out a great headboard, but then Stacey insisted that they use only the mattress to keep the height low.  She said that she wanted to show more of the headboard, but, huh? Ugly!!!  Scary!!!  Here it is:

Tom.  Tom?  Tom?!  Tom went “blueberry-crazy”!  He chose a paint color for the bathroom – blueberry and I think perhaps, the paint fumes in that little room may have affected his brain.  It certainly suspended his ability to think!  Yikes.


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    This season is awful. Design Star was one of my very favorite shows. I think Mark Burnett’s influence has resulted in disaster. Design Star is not supposed to be The Apprentice or Survivor!

    I agree – too many group challenges! I want to see what each individual designer can do. We don’t even know their budget or their time limit. Terrible season!

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    I agree this season is awful! The contestants are boring and can’t really seem to decorate their way out of a paper bag. I don’t want to watch any of them. Plus I am getting to where I really hate HGTV. All they play on there is House Hunters or Designed to sell. If I wanted to watch the real estate listings, I would tune into my local public access channel.

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