Yooooo-hoooooo! Design Star, where are you?

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*sigh* Design Star, Design Star….. *sigh* Where are you? I’m afraid that this show I was so excited about, has lost it’s way! The last two episodes have been disappointing for me.

Are you watching? What do you think?

I don’t get the “team” dynamics. Is hosting your own design show that much of a collaborative effort?


This week the designers were split into two teams – the boys and the girls-plus-Dan. They were each given an outdoor space on a Manhattan roof-top and challenged to create a space that was reflective of music and the musical instruments that each of them had chosen at the beginning of the show. Again, I’m at a loss, not understanding why teams of five are given a fairly small space and told to be creative, co-operative and cohesive. It’s like putting kittens in a pillowcase and not expecting to hear “Mrrrrrowwwwweeeee”.

So far, in three weeks, my favorite design has been Tera’s white box and she’s gone! I loved the first episode-each designer doing their own thing, but still having to work with ONE other in creating their design. Okay, enough of my whining! Oh wait, one more, what’s up with the budgets? C’mon HGTV give them some decent money to spend, no more Design on a Nickel.

Q: Here are the two spaces…. If you didn’t watch, which do you think won? Don’t scroll down yet, I’ll tell you below the pictures.

First, the boys
Then, the girls-plus-Dan

Colors? Courtland took the color of his cello as inspiration and created the orange wall. The judges hated it! Nina created the eggplant color in the girls space, which some forum-friends called a Barney wall. Ouch! Balance? I think Nina, even though I don’t like her a bit!, is the only designer that achieved anything close to a balanced design. I liked the idea of Stacey’s “trumpet” stepped fencing, but the execution with the ivy? Boring. Lighting? Non-existant. Flooring? Big faux pas! Tom was the only one that used a rug.

Neither of the rooms are inviting in my opinion, or even look comfortable! For me, it wasn’t who’s design was the best, it was who’s was the least-worst. Is that a word?

A: Okay, did you agree with the judges? The girls-plus-Dan won (the purple space).

Well, I will keep watching – I love design shows, even bad ones. C’mon HGTV and Design Star, bring back the sparkle and the fun next Sunday night!


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